Friday, November 9, 2007

1136. According to the seller this is a lumber gauge, the sizes range from 7/8" to 1-13/16".

1137. The owner of this tool wasn't sure but thought that it was used for roughing a piece of wood prior to applying glue. I haven't been able to verify this or any of the other guesses on it.

1138. Drescher Tree Caliper, made by A.M. Leonard & Son, Piqua, Ohio.

1139. Humidifier, placed on top of a wood burning stove.

From Gil Gandenberger's collection

1140. "The X Rays Egg Tester", manufactured by The Reeves-Rigling Egg Tester Co., Hamilton, Ohio, Patent number 940,361. Also known as an egg candler, these were used for detecting embryonic development or for separating shell eggs.

Another egg candler, also called an X Ray Egg Tester but made by a different company:

Both of these were shot at the same auction, the green one sold for $450, and this red one went for $575.

1141. Electric motor armature undercutter for cutting the mica to below the surface of the metal on the commutator, see post number 10 here. Similar to patent number 2,170,389.

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A while ago I was playing around on some 3D software and created my own version of a combination tool, the results can be seen on this page.

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